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Welcome to San Miguel de Allende!

Searching Homes for Sale in San Miguel de Allende?

Is San Miguel de Allende the right destination for you? We’re here to help you make that determination! Our 480-year-old architecturally-preserved UNESCO World Heritage village of about 150,000 has been named the #1 City in the World so many times that you’ll have lots of company when you fall in love with us! We’re the epicurean capital of Mexico, the equestrian capital as well, the 2nd largest wine district in Mexico, home to one of the largest art communities in the world, we boast five centuries of astounding architecture, and host an abundance of English-language social and cultural infrastructure unmatched anywhere else in Mexico. But why read about it when a picture is worth a thousand words? Watch this short video, then give us a call—we’d love to share the wonders of our village with you in person!

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