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Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices welcome the brand in Mexico with the country’s first & flagship office in San Miguel de Allende!

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Colonial Homes San Miguel Meet Our
Luxury Boutique

A San Miguel de Allende real estate office since 1995, Colonial Homes San Miguel joined Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in 2020 as the first and flagship office for the brand in the entire nation of Mexico. We’re honored to lead the brand’s high international standards, and equally honored at the opportunity to help clients like you searching for homes for sale in San Miguel de Allende, as well as Sellers seeking representation with the world’s #1 brand by sales volume!

While we’re truly a lifestyle luxury boutique—offering highly-personalized service to each and every one of our clients—we’re backed by the industry’s most respected real estate brand. Unlike Mexico’s prevalent master franchise concept—disconnected from their U.S. parent—our direct franchise connection provides our team the region’s most enviable resources, training, and direct international Realtor connections. And that means better service for you, whether buying or selling!

Led by Mexican Broker Alma Cecilia Ramirez—a highly respected veteran of local real estate—and American Broker Gregory Gunter—the #2 ranked Realtor nationwide among Mexico’s largest franchise and a certified Luxury Collection specialist—the Colonial Homes team of highly trained and qualified agents stand ready to serve your every need.

Buying a home in San Miguel de Allende? In truth, we’re selling you a new lifestyle here…

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Colonial Homes San Miguel

Meet Our Team

Colonial Homes San Miguel proudly presents our passionate team of award-winning Luxury Collection Brokers leading a team of trained & highly experienced real estate professionals— we’d love to meet you!

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Often our most popular destination, Centro is the “center” of town and it’s anchored by our pink-spired Parroquia church, our iconic Eiffel Tower of San Miguel. Home values and popularity are based upon your walking distance to, and sightline of, the Parroquia. Centro houses the bulk of our village’s restaurants and shops, art galleries to opera houses, and residents love the concept of strolling ten minutes to their favorite dinner destination or music venue. Work with a knowledgeable Realtor who understands the 475-years of organic gentrification in Centro and can advise you of which streets may be noisier from bus traffic, or which will be an easy, quiet stroll to the Jardin and your favorite park bench. You’ll fall in love with Centro!

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Anchored by the city’s second most popular park, the heart of Guadiana is a fully gentrified neighborhood of pricey, beautiful homes ranging from roughly $500K to $2MM USD, all Luxury Collection beauties. The periphery of this neighborhood, as it gently climbs the hillside to the east, sometimes offers better values for only a slightly longer walk to the Jardin, most all of which is a short, flat walk. Residents enjoy the few little shops on the west edge but especially enjoy the proximity to the Organic Market (Mercado Sano), which doubles in size each Saturday for the weekly block-party event. Cozy in with Guadiana, it’ll warm your heart!

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San Antonio

As the largest neighborhood in San Miguel, San Antonio has its gems and its rough edges, both—work with a knowledgeable Realtor who will steer you to your correct comfort level. While this older neighborhood has been gentrifying for about 15 years, pockets of the neighborhood prove exceedingly popular and those areas are spreading, especially the south border with new shops, gyms, spas, bakeries and fresh fruit & vegetable stands. North San Antonio and the area closest to the Instituto Allende—and its surrounding shops and restaurants—are always popular, more affordable options. Values here might be still be found—increasingly rarely—for as little as about $275K, with prices climbing to sometimes around $1MM USD. Roll up your sleeves, you’ll enjoy exploring this SoHo of San Miguel!

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Ojo De Agua

While the periphery of this southeast new neighborhood can be more diverse, the heart of Ojo de Agua is widely considered the “Beverly Hills” of San Miguel, with hillside homes generally starting at perhaps $750K and climbing to almost $5MM USD, each one a Luxury Collection gem. The architecture of these homes can be as stunning as the city-wide vistas their hillside perch offers, and many nestle within gorgeous gated privadas. While most of this area is not considered a gentle walk to the Jardin, residents consider their exclusivity and the astounding vistas as a fair trade-off for hopping a taxi to the Jardin. You’ll salivate over the homes here—pop a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the tour!

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As the name implies, this eastern “balcony-like” newer neighborhood perches above the city often offering balcony views, sometimes even from the ground floor. While the lower parts of Balcones can be considered walking distance to the Jardin, this area is considered a bit like an affordable option to Ojo de Agua—walkability is traded for vistas. Watch for the public plaza and outdoor amphitheater bounded by palm trees and bougainvillea. Although rare values can be found in the mid-$300K range, homes here are mostly Luxury Collection offerings ranging up to about $1.5MM USD. Want to fly like an eagle? Come join our bird’s-eye tour of Balcones!

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Once a huge horse ranch, this eastern neighborhood was originally developed in 1960 and proved equally popular with wealthy Mexican Nationals and expats alike and price ranges here are now similar to Balcones. A quiet, sprawling all-residential neighborhood, homes here can often offer better value—more land, more square footage—for the trade-off of being uphill (i.e., not an easy walk) with few city vistas, save for the neighborhood’s western edge. Lawns and sometimes swimming pools are not uncommon here, and the quiet solitude makes your nightly dog walk a joy. Thinking of movin’ on up to the east side? Come take a tour of Atascadero and enjoy your piece of the pie!

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Latest News On San Miguel
De Allende

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of San Miguel de Allende has been ranked the #1 City in the World multiple times each by Condé Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure magazines, the world adores our lifestyle here and we are in the news often! And Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is part of Warren Buffett’s #1 ranked (by sales volume) global real estate agency, we make the news often too, especially as the first and flagship office in Mexico. Follow our news here daily!

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