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Everyone says that all home purchases in Mexico are always “all-cash,” right? They say financing is nearly impossible, or it’s at impossibly-high interest rates. They say you have to bring all cash to the table if you want a home here.

But those rumors are wrong!

We now work with a relative newcomer to the Mexican lending market—Moxi Global Mortgage, who has been here about five years—who is regulated by both the American and Mexican governments. They offer much more competitive interest rates than the old Mexican lenders, longer lending periods, and better terms, all in a completely transparent manner. They lend at a 60% Loan to Value ratio, and their interest rates are considerably more competitive than local Mexican lenders, sometimes as much as 50% more affordable.

If you’re ready to make a move to San Miguel now but only have 40% of your preferred budget, talk to Moxi. If you need a home here now but are waiting for your U.S. home to sell in the future, talk to Moxi. You can easily get a prequalification letter to know how much of a loan you could get, and then you can come to us with a more realistic budget of what you can truly afford. They can issue a short-term bridge loan you can pay off as soon as your U.S. home sells or can issue a long-term American-style mortgage—whatever suits your needs.

Need a mortgage? Click the adjacent logo to get prequalified, then call us to find the best home of your dreams!