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This Is the Best Time To Visit Mexico’s Most Beautiful City

Mexico’s most beautiful city has a lot to offer, including events, festivals, and celebrations – and here is the best time to visit.

Every traveler is always worried about visiting a place and finding crowds all over or the closing hours of an incredible destination. With San Miguel de Allende, the best to explore is the moment when one fully gains the experience and does not worry about crowds or closing times interfering with their adventures. The good news? The weather in Mexico’s most beautiful city is splendid almost throughout the year, having more than 300 days of sunshine. Unlike the U.S. and Europe, there is never an unbearable hot or cold weather in San Miguel De Allende. There is so much to experience in this arguably the most enchanting city in Mexico – from religious celebrations, festivals, holidays, and beautiful landscapes. Here is the best time to visit Mexico’s most beautiful city.

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The Weather In The City

From the standpoint of weather, San Miguel De Allende is explorable year-round, with May being the hottest time of the year. In May, the temperatures during the day reach 88 degrees Fahrenheit. The driest months in the city are February and March, with June through October being the rainiest time of the year. Even with the rain falling at this time, the weather rarely ruins the day, and travelers can always manage to explore their dream destination within San Miguel De Allende. November through April is the ideal time of the year to explore the most enchanting city in Mexico.

Best Deals And Fewer Crowds

The city’s low season is April through August. Being the summer months and the rainiest time of the year, travelers can have the best rates during the season. The high season starts in December through April, and the days are clear and sunny. These are the busiest months in San Miguel De Allende as they also include the Easter Celebrations, which involve families coming together for festivals and fiestas. When visiting during this period, one should make travel arrangements in time. But the experience will still be great when one catches the Easter; the events are worth the crowds.

Local Festivals And Celebrations

Some of the best times of the year to visit Mexico’s most beautiful city is during the local festivals and celebrations. Vacating in San Miguel De Allende would offer an amazing experience as travelers get to experience Fiestas Patrias, a lively celebration that features outdoor concerts, parades, sports, and theatrical performances.

One may want to start with joining San Miguel residents in celebrating the Day of the Dead, which is, of course, celebrated all over Mexico, but is more fun in this fine city. Celebrated on the first and second of November, one wouldn’t want to miss this celebration. To make it even more interesting, visitors should arrive in the city a few days before the first of November to be a part of Festival La Calaca, a celebration taking an entire week. Referred to as the “Skull Festival’’ in English, this festival is celebrated in graveyard dance parties and parades to commemorate the residents’ loved ones. To be on the safe side, travelers should book a hotel in advance as this is one of those crowded times in the city.

And then comes Christmas, one city’s favorite time of the year. The festivals start to kick off in the Feast of the Virgin Guadalupe, which happens on the twelfth of December. The rest of the month is continuous celebrations followed by partying and feasting. 16th December features a procession that travelers should strive to attend. And then follows concerts, events, and everyday fireworks. The yearly San Miguel de Allende International Jazz & Blues Festival occurs from November through December – and features Jazz and blues music played throughout the city – from parks to historical theaters to colonial plazas. And then Comes Easter, whose week processions are some of the best on the planet. Over 90,000 film enthusiasts attend the Expresión en Corto film festival every year.

note: Most restaurants and businesses don’t operate on Christmas Day, so travelers should plan well for their tour when visiting during this time. Visitors will not witness as many crowds as at other times of the year, but booking Airbnb rooms and hotels earlier is recommended.

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Special Attractions At Specific Times Of The Year

One special attraction one wouldn’t miss is every Tuesday Market, trading everything from fresh veggies to crafts and puppies. Also, for cooking buffs, the Casa Luna mansion, which has been in existence for over 300 years hosts some interesting cooking classes every Friday. The Patronato Pro-Ninos, a local non-profile organization provides walking tours. The tour starts from Jardin at around 9:15 am – and is an ideal activity for history lovers as they get to learn the history of the most enchanting city in Mexico.

The best time of the year to visit and explore San Miguel De Allende depends entirely on the goals of the tourist; the specific attractions they want to catch, and whether on what weather conditions. All in all, a visit to Mexico’s most beautiful city is always worth it, regardless of the season.